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Digitize Anything.

The all new DT Film Scanning Kit, reduce both your scanning and post-production time.

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Capture One CH 8

Capture One CH is designed to support and enhance cultural heritage workflows from capture through post-processing by simplifying and automating post-production tasks.

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Book Scanning

Book Scanning requires a solution that delivers conservation handling, preservation image quality, production speed and extensive flexibility. See how our systems exceed these demands.

Film Scanning

Discover our solutions that make digitizing media at preservation grade image quality such as 35mm slide film, microfilm, strip film, and more an easy task.

Digitize Anything

DTDCH is world renowned for high-quality and custom designed copy stand tables, reprographic cameras, and film scanning solutions. See all of our solutions for Cultural Heritage digitization.

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Process Control Webinar recording now available.

A recording of our hour long webinar of Process Control is now available on Youtube by either watching below or going to our Resource page and seeing all of our past webinar recordings under ‘Live Webinars’. Digital Transitions Division of Cultural Heritage and Phase One A/S presents: a look at the lessons the Cultural Heritage community can glean from the industrial field of study called Process... read more

Film Scanning at the Center for Creative Photography

Here is a great statement from Joseph Rheaume, the Digital Projects Coordinator, over at the Center for Creative Photography in Arizona. They are using our film scanning solutions to capture film at amazing speeds. “At the Center for Creative Photography here in Tucson, AZ at the University of Arizona we have had great experiences using the new Advanced Film Positioning Kit (with holders) from... read more

Welcome to the new!

All of us at DTDCH want to welcome you to the new face of We are excited to give you an improved format to present our ideas and products better to you. We wanted to run through the top 4 new features that you can experience now on this site:... read more