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A Comprehensive & Practical Overview of Cultural Heritage Digitization

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Digitize Anything.

The all new DT Film Scanning Kit, reduce both your scanning and post-production time.

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Capture One CH

Capture One CH is designed to support and enhance cultural heritage workflows from capture through post-processing by simplifying and automating post-production tasks.

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Book Scanning

Book Scanning requires a solution that delivers conservation handling, preservation image quality, production speed and extensive flexibility. See how our systems exceed these demands.

Film Scanning

Discover our solutions that make digitizing media at preservation grade image quality such as 35mm slide film, microfilm, strip film, and more an easy task.

Digitize Anything

DTDCH is world renowned for high-quality and custom designed copy stand tables, reprographic cameras, and film scanning solutions. See all of our solutions for Cultural Heritage digitization.

A Behind the Scenes Look at Digitizing at the Getty

The Getty Center in Los Angeles is a campus of the Getty Museum and the Getty Research Institute. The facility sits atop a picturesque hillside near Brentwood, with views reaching from Downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean. The Getty Center is both a campus for academic... read more

DTDCH Script Suite Update

Today we have posted a New Version of DTDCH Script Suite. Improvements include: Tested with Capture One 9.2 CH Now Supports Rodenstock eShutter – we have recently switched to using the high precision Rodenstock eShutter in most DT RCam systems. This new version... read more

Page Spread Advance in C1 9.2 CH

Book Scanning QC Improved When scanning books it is often desirable to navigate the captures 2-up. That is you want to see the left page and right page at the same time, and then jump to the next left-right pairing. In Capture One 9.2 CH we have added the ability to... read more