Capture One CH 9

Capture One CH 9 was built on the same platform as the revolutionary and industry leading, Capture One Pro. Capture One CH is designed to support and enhance cultural heritage workflows from capture through post-processing by simplifying and automating post-production tasks.
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CCS – Content Conversion

CCS’ docWorks is the first software that converts scanned pages to searchable and metadata enriched digital objects in one seamless workflow. From the import of the scans to the export as standardized formats, libraries and archives stay in full control of their files and do not have to deal with incompatibilities of modules or lost data shipments.
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ISA GoldenThread™ Software

ISA provides image quality targets, software, and consulting to the digital image archiving community. Their products enable quality control for the digitization of both transmissive and reflective material—from books to historic maps to artwork, baseball cards and more
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BasICColor Software

basICColor offers calibration and profiling tools for all input and output devices – digital camers, scanners, monitors, proof printers, fine art printing, large format printers, digital production print systems and presses – softproofing applications, workflow tools for preflighting and processing images and pdf documents and QC applications for softproof, proof and print.
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DTDCH Shutter Integration

Digital Transitions Division of Cultural Heritage is proud to release the DTDCH Shutter Integration Solution, which more tightly integrates communication between the DT RCam’s Electronic Shutter and Capture One CH. Better integration means capture technicians can focus more on material handling and assuring the quality of the images.
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Download our complete Solutions Guide

The market for Cultural Heritage is diverse, with many different needs and challenges. For this reason DTDCH delivers modular and configurable solutions, which can be tailored to all specific needs. Download this guide in PDF format for either digital or print use. Download our Solutions Guide