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A Comprehensive & Practical Overview of Cultural Heritage Digitization

Imaging Solutions to Preserve our Cultural Heritage

Book Scanning

Book Scanning requires a solution that delivers conservation handling, preservation image quality, production speed and extensive flexibility. See how our systems exceed these demands.


Film Scanning

Discover our solutions that make digitizing media at preservation grade image quality such as 35mm slide film, microfilm, strip film, and more an easy task.



Custom Systems

DTDCH is world renowned for high-quality and custom designed copy stand tables, reprographic cameras, and film scanning solutions. See all of our solutions for Cultural Heritage digitization.

Cultural Heritage Newsletter

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DT Atom X-Slide Top

The DT Atom was designed to provide the building blocks of digitization, allowing the working surface, lighting, and camera to be swapped out based on the project at hand. Earlier this year we launched a new top for the DT Atom to facilitate the digitization of...

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