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The digitization community has migrated from flatbed scanners to camera-based instant capture digitization. Instant capture is faster (a LOT faster), produces better image quality, affords more conservation-friendly handling of the materials, and is significantly less expensive on a per-item basis even for modest sized collections.

But instant capture has, up until now, required several tedious steps to switch PPI (e.g. from a 600ppi scan of an etching to a 400ppi scan of a book). Enter the DT AutoColumn and DT AutoColumn XL.

The DT AutoColumn and DT AutoColumn XL are revolutionary products that greatly simplify the workflow of camera-based digitization. Combined with Capture One Cultural Heritage Edition, these columns move the camera to the appropriate height for a desired PPI with a single click.

Type a PPI and click Move. It’s that simple.

About Each Column

The DT AutoColumn is a shorter column designed for the DT Atom. Its big brother, the DT AutoColumn XL, is available on the DT RGC180-AC and DT RG3040-AC or as a wall mount.

DT AutoColumn DT AutoColumn XL
Total Height 1618 mm (5′ 4″) 2303 mm (7′ 7″)
Absolute Travel 1330 mm (4′ 4″) 2000 mm (6′ 7″)
Available on DT Atom yes no
Available with Wall Mount  no yes
Available on RGC180-AC  no yes
Available on RG3040-AC no yes

Note that with the DT Atom, DT RGC180-AC and DT RG3040-AC the column starts below the working surface (so that the motor and mount are subsumed and the working deck is a clean surface). Therefore the height and travel listed above should not be used to calculate maximum imaging area for a given lens/camera. Please contact DT for assistance with any such calculations.


  • Construction 
    • Built-in anti-vibration pendulum
    • Fully-sleeved camera arm movement; no droop when extended
    • Integration with DT stands is seamless, strong, and precise
    • Integrated no-twist dovetail to mount DT cameras
  • Precision
    • Ultra precise movements accurate to a hundredth of an inch (0.3 millimeters)
    • Well-suited to the precision requirements of focusing film
    • 1mm visual ticks on both vertical and horizontal movement
    • 3-axis calibration system for establishing perfect planarity
  • Simplicity
    • Automatic placement of camera to desired PPI
    • USB Connection to integrate with Capture One CH
    • Designed to integrate with Phase One iXG Autofocus
    • Included hand-controller useful when closer to column than computer
  • Safety
    • Repositionable physical hard-stops for material safety
    • Settable virtual hard stops for establishing operational range

Watch it Work


From our Automation Webinar with Lyrasis

See it In Person

You can see the DT AutoColumn in person at our upcoming Cultural Heritage Roundtable, MCN, Cultural Heritage Training or at our offices in New York and LA. Or contact us below to set up a private demo:

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